Dermalogica products can be purchased directly at the salon or by contacting me on 0873010165

Holistic Therapy


 Indulge Package (90 mins) €90

The ultimate treat for all over body well being. Treatment begins with a relaxing muscle melting back, neck and shoulder massage, followed by your customised Dermalogica facial which also includes a scalp and face massage. And finally, to complete your treatment, reflexology working on your feet to treat your mind, body and spirit. 

Pamper Me Head To Toe (75 mins) €75

Relax and unwind as your treatment begins with a relaxing scalp massage, followed by your customised Dermalogica facial, which also includes a destressing facial massage and some reflexology to complete your treatment. 

Hot Stone Full Body Massage (60 mins) €60

Hot stone full body massage at Sabrina's Beauty room

Hot Stone therapy achieves deeper states of relaxation, health and well-being. The use of heated basalt stones helps to relax aching muscles, increase blood flow and eliminate toxins. This full body massage treatment helps encourage deep healing in our own body system.

Full Body Swedish Massage (50 mins) €55

Ease away tension from aching muscles with a full body massage. Pressure of the massage is customised to each client’s needs and concerns. An overall relaxing treatment to relax the mind, body and soul.

Facial Rejuvenation Reflexology (60 mins)  €55

A holistic treatment working the whole body through reflexology zones on the face. Everything we feel is projected onto our face and it is a mirror of our health, our emotions, our pain, our joy and our happiness. This treatment will work meridians, energy channels and reflex zones on the face to help balance the whole body. It also aids with digestive issues, stress and anxiety, insomnia, migraines, sinusitis, depression, hay fever and much more. The treatment begins with a Dermalogica double cleanse, followed by a chest and facial massage, then moving on to your reflexology facial treatment which includes lymphatic drainage, a hydrating Dermalogica mask and scalp massage, completed with hydrating serum, eye cream and moisturiser. One hour of pure bliss. 
*Claimable against your health care provider.

Reflexology (60 mins)  €50

soothing foot massage, reflexology at Sabrina's Beauty room

A deeply relaxing treatment working on the feet to endure deep relaxation. Reflexology is an excellent treatment to help with stress, migraines, insomnia, IBS, depression to name but a few. Reflexology stimulates the body’s own healing process to help keep it in balance. (Covered by certain plans with Layla Healthcare and VHI)

Indian Head Massage(45 mins) €45

This specialized treatment incorporates massage of the back, neck, head, shoulders and face, focusing on pressure points to help relieve headaches, sinusitis, stress and tension. A deeply relaxing treatment to calm the mind, body and spirit.


Hot Stone Back massage (30 mins) €45

 A deeply relaxing treatment using heated basalt stones to ease aching muscles of the back, neck, shoulders and arms. Ease muscle tension for overall well-being and relaxation.


Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (30 mins) €40

deeply relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage at Sabrina's beauty room

Ease away tension stress and pain from your back, neck, shoulders and arms with this 30 min  treatment. Helps to soothe tight sore muscles, relieving tension and stress to induce deep relaxation and general well being.